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Color : White / Black

Model size (cm) : 31 x 26 x 19

Counting speed : >1050 notes/minutes

Power supply : 220V / 50 Hz or 110V / 60Hz

Power consumption : <=70W

Netweight : 5.8 kg/unit

Automatic detecting with UV (ultraviolet) and MG1, MG2 (magnetic) while counting

With front and left cover LED screen display

Automatic starting, stopping and clearing

With batching, adding and self-examination functions

Adjustable hopper for extra long & short banknotes

Full button control from 1-9 for batching

Automatic half-note detections


Info Pemesanan:

Mail        : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

Mobile    : +62877-2128-2666

Phone    : +6227563315, Fax: +6227563315

WA         : +62 877-2128-2666


Automatic chain note detections