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Model NSII-Q (Quartz type)
Clock Quartz clock: 1 day, 7 day and 32 day changed by speed switch
Battery: "C" size battery x 2
Battery Life: 1 year for continuous use
Sensors Aged bimetal strip for temperature
Human hair bundle for relative humidity
Measuring range -15 to 40°C for temperature
0 to 100% for R. humidity
Accuracy ±1°C (at 10 to 30°C) for temperature
±2°C (at other than above) for temperature
±3% (at 15 to 25°C, 20 to 70%) for R. humidity
±7% (at other than above) for R. humidity
Chart graduation 1°C for temperature
1% for R. humidity
Recording pens Cartridge pens (violet)
Dimensions (W)336 x (H)295 x (D)148 mm
Weight approx. 3.1 kg
Accessories 7 day chart for 1 year use (55 sheets/box)
chart holder, Test result
"C" size battery x 2